Dr. Brian H. Williams of Dallas Pleads for Open Discussion and an End to Killing

Last Thursday night Dr. Brian H. Williams was the trauma surgeon on duty when wounded police officers from the Dallas shooting came into the ER. The shooting occurred after videos of two African-American men shot by police in Louisiana and Minnesota re-ignited debate and protest over police violence towards black men. 5 police officers were killed and 7 were wounded in the Dallas shooting, making it the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11th, 2001. Williams, a surgeon and African American man, emerged as a leader after the tragedy, responding “This killing. It has to stop.” Drawing from the complexities of his experiences, Williams pleads for “open discussions about the impact of race relations in this country” that we “have to come together and end all this.”


Dr. Brian H. Williams of Dallas Pleads for Open Discussion and an End to Killing

One thought on “Dr. Brian H. Williams of Dallas Pleads for Open Discussion and an End to Killing

  1. SKMC student Gerald Gibbons responded to our Article of the Week with this thoughtful reaction piece:

    Questions and Answers

    In light of recent events…I am terrified. I am afraid for my family, my friends and myself. When I think about the gentleman who will be the groomsmen in my wedding, I cannot help but think that every single one of them could be the next victim. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my closest friends has a target on their back that they never asked to have. It was placed there. It was placed not by someone or something; it was placed by all of us.

    It was placed by all of us who did not listen. When we closed our ears to the cries for help placed in various books, poems, songs, and movies. It was placed by all of us who did not see. When we closed our eyes to the disparities in workplace environments, neighborhoods, and prisons. It was placed by all of us who did not touch. When we chose to shy away from these inhumanities because they did not affect us directly.

    Now more than ever, I am terrified. I am terrified that our palate will be overwhelmed with the palpable smell of fear and the taste of retaliation. I am terrified that as a few individuals retort with further violence we will enter a cycle of escalation that is even further difficult to break free from.

    Why does this feel so familiar? Why have I heard this story before? George Santayana wrote, “…when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual.” As a nation and a people it seems quite clear that we are still infants. I am terrified, because the question is not to define the issue. That has been defined for nearly two centuries in our great country. Our question now, why do these past experiences simply slip away, only for us to repeat the same mistakes again and again? For as Mr. Santayana continued to write, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    So I challenge you to learn and remember this moment. Use your senses, your senses that have carried you through your lowest of valleys and to the highest of peaks. Use them to ask and to find your own truth to our perpetual cycle of fear and despair that plagues so many Americans, TOO many of whom have a darker complexion. And during your search talk about it, because to talk about it shows we remember. Share your questions and answers with others; do not fear race, gender, or religion. There is no worry to simply carry a conversation. And a conversation will bring us closer, so that together we can search deeper. And I wonder… if we all start asking the same question, how much easier will it be to find the answer?


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